There is one thing we do and we do it very well. We eliminate ESD. That is all we do. Every day we take on ESD problems and wrestle them into submission. From material handling products to shippers and packaging to production process reviews. We know what it takes to eliminate ESD from your manufacturing and handling process. That's not just bragging. It's really the indisputable truth. Our path to leadership in the static safe packaging industry has included the invention of Corstat conductive corrugated materials in 1978 and the design of a broad scope of products using that Corstat material. Our roots go back to a passion for creating complete packaging materials for static sensitive products. We are proud of the fact that when lives are at stake or just a lot of money, manufacturers rely on CCI to keep their sensitive components safe. It's for that same reason that when manufacturers reach the end of their ropes with an ESD problem, they turn to CCI. Throughout our history, we've stayed at the forefront of static safe packaging by continuing to add new product lines and services. Today our customers rely on us for custom designed ESD solutions for handling and shipping, as well as the largest selection stocked static safe products. Because when it comes to protecting your sensitive products from static, we wrote the book on it. Welcome to chapter one.  


ESD (Electro-Static Discharge) Packaging, Thermoformed Static Solutions, Inventor of Corstat Material