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United States
Available in the following US States: Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Ohio, West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida.

The Base for Innovation

Isola is a leader in global material sciences. Isola designs, develops, manufactures, and qualifies copper-clad laminates and dielectric prepregs used to fabricate multilayer printed circuit boards (PCBs).

sola's high-performance materials are used in a diverse range of electronic end-markets including applications in computers, networking and communications equipment, high-end consumer electronics, as well as products designed for use in the advanced automotive, aerospace, military and medical markets.

Isola invests in research and development to create industry-leading products formulated to meet the most demanding performance requirements of our customers, the printed circuit board fabricators, and the designers and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that they serve. Isola's global footprint includes ten manufacturing facilities and three research centers located in Asia, Europe and the United States.