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For over seventy year, Keystone Electronics has been manufacturing precision electronic interconnect components and hardware, supplying quality products at competitive prices to industry, worldwide.

Our new printed Product Design Guide M70 has products that are engineered specifically for use by OEM Designers and Engineers who create and develop state-of-the-art electronic products, instruments and systems.  Keystone's website  www.keyelco.com has 2D and 3D downloadable files for all their products to ease in the design process.

While our catalog products meet most standard requirements, modifications as well as custom fabrications can be manufactured to meet your special needs. Design and engineering, precision tool and die capabilities, close tolerance Stamping, Machining, and Assembly, computer based quality control and responsive customer service are all vital in-house resources which constitute our Custom Manufacturing Division's capabilities.

Keystone's Quality System is ISO 9001:2015 certified by DNV Certification, Inc. under the RAB and RvA accreditations. Our quality assurance program is in accordance with these requirements and applies to all standard and custom interconnect components and hardware.

It is Keystone's quality policy to continuously improve its products to better satisfy the needs of its customers and to deliver quality products, every time and on time. Our Global Distribution Network is your assurance of quick response, service and dependability, worldwide




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