EMX Enterprises Limited



Mutracx was spun out of Océ, the global leader in the supply of print and document management products and services based in Venlo, the Netherlands.

Whilst we operate as a totally ?independent business, we have strong and important relationships with Océ and Dow. They are both strategic supplier of heads and resist for Lunaris. Mutracx works extensively with development partners in South East Netherlands, each leaders in their own field.

The region is famous for mechatronics and their use in nanometre applications. The Lunaris project harnesses this knowledge, together with the cost competitiveness of the graphics art arena, and is focused on providing an exceptionally high-end design with the lowest bill of materials... nanometre design, millimetre costing and for a micrometer application.

In recognition of the groundbreaking innovation, Mutracx was granted the largest ever PiD subsidy from the Dutch Government.