EMX Enterprises Limited

Moisture. Corrosive acids. Environmental contaminants. Fungus. Mechanical stress. Dielectric failures.
Konform® Conformal Coatings will protect your printed circuit boards in the harshest conditions, from the worst contaminants, in the most extreme climates. So, stress less with the Newest Konform® Conformal Coatings!

Konform® Flexcoat is a unique coating ideal for applications requiring exceptionally flexibility and vibrational dampening. It is silicone free, fast drying, and easily repaired.
Konform® Ultra is the ultra-fast drying acrylic coating engineered for superior insulation against high voltage arcing. It is formulated to provide the best insulation ability, and the quickest throughput available. 
Konform® UR-A is a water-based urethane conformal coating formulated for superior durability and abrasion resistance. It offers excellent acid and solvent resistance when fully cured. 
Konform® HR is a water-based conformal coating formulated for superior dielectric properties and abrasion resistance. This unique urethane/acrylic has the toughness of urethane coatings with the insulation protection of acrylic coatings.

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